Lochaber Community Development Association (LCDA)

The Lochaber Community Development Association (LCDA) operates and maintains The Lochaber Centre for the use and enjoyment of our residents, neighbours and visitors.

The former Sylvan Hall, replaced in 2013 by the Lochaber Centre


The Lochaber Centre on a spring evening

The LCDA was created in 1974 to, among other responsibilities, take over management of the Sylvan Hall community centre and associated facilities and to promote local activities within the community. Facilities include The Lochaber Centre,  a playground and a swimming area (in conjunction with Antigonish County Recreation).

LCDA monthly meetings, to which everyone is invited, are held the third Tuesday of each month, except December, at 7:00 pm at the Lochaber Centre.  Anyone with an interest in Lochaber is encouraged to attend these meetings, particularly those who wish to bring ideas to the attention of the executive. There are occasions when it is necessary to reschedule these meetings. Please double check on the meeting schedule by visiting the Calendar of Events.

3 Responses to Lochaber Community Development Association (LCDA)

  1. debbie wicks says:

    I listen with interest comments regarding the lake and the rowing clubs. I understand from others that the lake will be closed off to boaters most of the day/evening and that represents a concern for me. The community represents a large number of cottagers who enjoy the lake with various boater interests. Can you ellaborate for me please.

    Thank you

  2. Dave Brown says:

    Debbie, thank you for passing along your concerns. Let me assure you that the lake will not be closed off at any time. When there is a rowing regatta underway, access to the rowing course itself and the immediately adjacent area will be restricted but, for the remainder of the lake, it will be pretty much business as usual. For example, when Row Nova Scotia held time trials for the Nova Scotia Canada Games team on August 19th, the impact on other boaters was minimal. Regattas will take place probably, on average, a couple of times each summer, and the area involved will be about 2.5 km long and a few hundred metres wide.
    Certainly the number of non powered boats on the lake will increase sunstantially, but all that the rowers ask is that they be shown the same courtesy that is presently shown to kayaks, canoes and the like; i.e. maintain a safe distance from them, and avoid creating wakes that impact them excessively.

  3. Margot Anderson says:

    My son is begging me to buy a Laird for him in Lochaber. After reviewing the website, I would be pleased to buy this for him for Christmas because it appears that the money is for the preservation of the Park. Being 4th Generation Canadian, but from a solid Scottish decent, I would love to do this for him, but only if it is not a scam. Can you confirm that this is a real idea from your community to raise funds to maintain the park?
    If it is a scam, it is still a brilliant idea, you might want to start doing this! I would support your parks for sure.
    Thank you so much,
    Margot Anderson

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