Lost and Found


Although Bob Inglis and Dave Brown thought that they had pulled the swimming area raft well up on the shore and tied it up securly, they were no match for Mother Nature.  The combination of last fall’s very high lake levels and blustery winds, broke the raft’s moorings and floated it away.

If you are boating on the lake, please be on the lookout for the raft.  It is about 10 feet square and uses styrofoam flotation (not drums), so it floats very low in the water, with the top only a few inches above the water’s surface.  Should you come across the raft, please leave a comment on this post with either a good description of where you found it, or contact information so that we can find out from you where it is.  Thanks in advance for your help.


A set of keys for Sylvan Hall were found where they were apparently dropped just outside the hall doors.  If you think that these might be your keys, place a comment on this post and someone will contact you about returning them to their owner.

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