The Lochaber Centre

Lochaber Community Development AssocoiationThe Lochaber Centre complex is located at 1555 Highway #7, approximately half way between Antigonish and Sherbrooke.

It provides a variety of facilities that serve the people of Lochaber and area.  The centrepiece of the complex is the main building, a modern multipurpose structure opened in 2014.  The building incorporates a room for large gatherings such as wedding receptions, festivals, public meetings, etc., as well as a professionally designed kitchen, a smaller room for groups of up to 50 people, and a well equipped fitness room.  Other parts of the complex include a swimming area, a picnic and playground area, rowing facilities and a tennis/basketball court.

The Lochaber Centre is available for rental.  For further information regarding rentals, please contact us by e-mail at

For directions to the center, click here.

Learn more about what our centre has to offer below:

  • Modern, Spacious Main Hall – The Lochaber Centre’s main hall is a beautiful space for weddings, wedding receptions, conferences, special activities and celebrations.
  • Caterer’s Dream Kitchen – The beautiful kitchen is fully equipped for small groups or commercial caterers.
  • Community Room – The room accomodates up to 50 people at card tables or other arrangements to suit the purpose of the gathering.
  • Fitness Room – A well equipped fitness room looking out over Lochaber Lake provides members with an out of the weather location to get anything from a bit of leisurely exercise to a full blown workout.
  • Swimming, Playground & Picnic Areas – The Lochaber Centre offers accessible swimming, children’s play area and picnic opportunities.
  • Basketball and Tennis Court – The dual purpose asphalt surfaced basketball and tennis court includes an official sized, properly laid out tennis court with markings for both singles and doubles play.
  • Rowing Facilities – The topography of Lochaber Lake makes it about as close to perfection as one could hope for as a home to a rowing race course.



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