Modern, Spacious Main Hall

Wedding Setup 02

A typical setup for a wedding reception.

The Lochaber Centre’s main hall is a beautiful space for weddings, wedding receptions, conferences, special activities and celebrations.  The front windows face west with an amazing panoramic view view of Lochaber Lake.  Hardwood floors and light walls provide perfect colouring to accent your choice of table decorations.  The hall is wheelchair accessible as are the washrooms.


Pass through serving openings; from the bar on the left, and the kitchen on the right.

Bar and kitchen services connect to the main room by way of pass through openings which can be closed off using roll up dividers.  Use of the kitchen is included with the rental of the hall.  There is an additional charge for bar service and serving of alcoholic beverages is under the control of the hall operators.

A quality sound system is available, as is an audio visual system, complete with large screen projection, which can be operated from a computer.

Capacity of the hall varies with the type of gathering;

  • Tables & chairs with liquor license – 145 persons
  • Tables & chairs, no liquor license – 188 persons
  • Chairs only – 235 persons

To learn more about the hall, get a tour or inquire about bookings, contact