About LCDA


Sylvan Hall

The Former Sylvan Hall

The LCDA was created in 1974 to, among other responsibilities, take over management of the Sylvan Hall community centre and associated facilities and to promote local activities within the community. Facilities include The Lochaber Centre,  a playground and a swimming area (in conjunction with Antigonish County Recreation).



 Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Lochaber Community Development Association is to operate and maintain the Lochaber community facilities for the use and enjoyment of our residents, neighbours and visitors with the ultimate goal of making Lochaber a better community in which to work, live and play.


Lochaber Centre

The Lochaber Centre

LCDA monthly meetings, to which everyone is invited, are held the second Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 pm at the Lochaber Centre.  Anyone with an interest in Lochaber is encouraged to attend these meetings, particularly those who wish to bring ideas to the attention of the executive. There are occasions when it is necessary to reschedule these meetings. Please double check on the meeting schedule by visiting the Calendar of Events.

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