About Lochaber

A warm welcome to the Lochaber web site. Our rural community of Lochaber is tucked into the southwest corner of Antigonish County, Nova Scotia with the southern end dipping into the adjoining Guysborough County.

Lochaber Lochaber is most often accessed via Highway #7, where it is found roughly midway between the town of Antigonish, “The Highland Heart of Nova Scotia”, and Sherbrooke Village, a fascinating pioneer village which demonstrates what life was like in that area about a century and a half ago.

The centre-piece of our community is the scenic, eight kilometre (5 mi.) long, Lochaber Lake. It is so similar in appearance to lakes like Loch Tummel and Loch Tay in highland Scotland, that it is little wonder that it made the early Scottish settlers feel like they had found a slice of Scotland here.
To this day Lochaber is considered one of Nova Scotia’s beauty spots.

“Pour yourself a hot cup of tea, settle in a comfortable chair, and enjoy a few peaceful moments in which to rediscover your community.”

Excerpt from Lori Van de Sande’s Sydney’s Sylvan Pride: A Brief History of Lochaber
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