The LCDA water quality testing program has detected (confirmed by the St. F. X. biology dept.) some toxin producing blue green algae in Lochaber Lake.  This came to light on August 24th, and Nova Scotia Health Promotion and Protection have been made aware of the situation.   Personnel from that department who deal with blue green algae will not be available until Monday, August 27th.  Further analysis will be done to determine if the levels observed are high enough to be of concern.  The accompanying fact sheet provides background information on these algae and the toxins that they produce.  If anyone experiences any of the symptoms generally associated with these algae, please report them to  Updated information will be posted on this web site as it becomes available.

In the meantime please use your own judgment as to what use you make of the lake, and please pass this information along to your friends and neighbours on the lake.

Find out more about Blue-Green Algae.

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