Christmas Tree Festival

Lochaber has a long history of producing balsam fir Christmas trees.  These trees are marketed throughout the Americas, giving families and businesses the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and aroma of a “real” tree.  In the early days, naturally growing trees scattered through woodlots were harvested using axes and bow saws, baled by hand and usually shipped over longer distances by rail.  The industry has advanced to where trees are carefully nurtured in dedicated lots, harvesting has become more mechanized, all trees are graded to ensure highest quality and shipping is predominantly via road and sea.

In recognition of the role that the Christmas tree industry has played and continues to play in our community, starting in 2011, the Lochaber Community Development Association annually holds a Christmas Tree Festival in early December.  As well as selling locally grown tress, the festivals incorporate other Christmas related activities.

As the Christmas season approaches, check the News page on this site to learn the details of this year’s festivities.

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