Complete audio of Peter MacKay’s announcement regarding federal funding of the Lochaber Centre

Here is the complete audio recording from today’s exciting event, where Peter MacKay announced federal funding of $506,000 towards the construction of the Lochaber Centre. You can see the press release here.

Thanks to everyone who showed up!

If you don’t see the audio link above, click here.


4 Responses to Complete audio of Peter MacKay’s announcement regarding federal funding of the Lochaber Centre

  1. Karen ( Tait ) Wysocki says:

    Thanks for putting today’s meeting and presentation on the internet, I really enjoyed sitting here in our family room listening to all the speakers, I could imagine myself setting there in the hall seeing it all unfold. We are thrilled to hear that Lochaber got such a generous grant!!! Lochaber will be famous one of these days. I know many of my friends have marveled at the beautiful pictures I bring back to Miami every year, I think they look forward to the pictures of the lake and surrounding hills and forests more then seeing me again.
    Just wanted to congratulate everyone on their hard work and success. Looking forward to the updates from Bev and John on building of the new community center in the coming months.
    All the best on the future !!!! Karen

  2. Kyle Stewart says:

    We are very excited as well! Thanks for the great comment. We will continue to post updates here in the future.

  3. Clare Currie says:

    Congratulations to an amazing accomplishment, Lochaber Community Development Association, here’s to a bright future for your families and the larger community, talk about a dream come true. All the best!
    Clare and Joe Currie

  4. Pat MacDonald says:

    Wow this presentation filled me with such pride for all the past and present residence of Lochaber. The partnerships that have been created in the spirit of community is truly admirable and will sustain the Lochaber community for generation to come.
    Well done and I look forward to following the building progress over the next year.

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