Annual Strawberry Festival

Lochaber has a long tradition of producing fine quality strawberries. Local soil characteristics, along with the micro climate produced by the lake, create excellent growing conditions for production of this delicious fruit.

In tribute to this tradition, the Lochaber Community Development Association annually holds a Strawberry Festival, during the peak of the local harvest, on a Sunday afternoon usually between the 10th and 20th of July at Sylvan Hall. Strawberry shortcakes made using local berries, homemade biscuits and topped with whipped cream are served, along with beverages, while local performers provide continuous entertainment.

A little bit of strawberry trivia with which to impress your friends. The strawberry “fruit”, in the botanical sense is not a berry, but rather the greatly enlarged stem end, in which are partially embedded the many true fruits, the seeds.


For more information on the history of the Lochaber strawberry industry, see the Lochaber History page.

For details on time and location see the calendar of events and the local map.

Lochaber Strawberry Festival Program

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