Seaside Highspeed have now made high speed internet service generally available in our area, and what a difference it has made. There may be a couple of isolated pockets where their service is still not available, but Seaside are working to eliminate them. Adam Conter, Seaside’s Director of Communications, has advised that they are also working at upgrading the technology to provide increased speed of service.

Seaside have kindly provided complimentary service at Sylvan Hall, and a wireless router has been istalled so that anyone can access high speed internet service at the hall. So bear in mind that, if you are considering a function at the hall which would be enhanced by, for example, being able to access the internet to present web content or to Skype your function to other locations, the hall is now set up to handle it.

If you are interested in high speed service, but don’t yet have it, call Seaside at 1-888-965-5511 and they will be happy to set you up. Just in case you weren’t aware of it Seaside can provide seasonal service for cottagers.

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