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A few of the organizations that make Lochaber such a wonderful place to live!

Lochaber Community Development Association (LCDA)

Mission Statement – The mission of the LCDA is to operate and maintain Lochaber’s community facilities for the use and enjoyment of our residents, neighbours and visitors, and to act as an advocate on behalf of our residents, with the ultimate goal of making Lochaber a better community in which to work, live and play.

Sylvan Hall; Kyle Stewart

The LCDA was created in 1974 to, among other responsibilities, take over management of the Sylvan Hall community centre and associated facilities and to promote local activities within the community. Facilities currently under management include, in addition to the hall located at 1585 Highway #7, the associated playground, swimming area (in conjunction with Antigonish County Recreation), and the MacPhee Ball Field on property adjacent to the hall grounds.

The current LCDA executive is made up of Dave Brown, president; John Gillis, vice president; Don Cameron, secretary and Heather Inglis, treasurer. Monthly meetings, to which everyone is invited, are held the third Tuesday of each month, except December, at 8:00 pm at Sylvan Hall. Anyone with an interest in Lochaber is encouraged to attend these meetings, particularly those who wish to bring ideas to the attention of the executive. There are occasions when it is necessary to reschedule these meetings. Please double check on the meeting schedule by clicking on (link to calendar of events).

Regular community activities organized by the LCDA include the annual Strawberry Festival and Blueberry Festival, weekly cribbage nights Wednesdays between October and April, pub nights, etc. The hall is also available for rental for private functions. For hall rentals, please contact Don Cameron by phone at 902-783-2023 or email at

The Sustainable Development Committee (SDC)

In September, 2011 the LCDA Executive approved the creation of a new committee called the Sustainable Development Committee (SDC).  This committee reports to the LCDA Executive and has identified a number of goals. It will work, through the LCDA, to promote an understanding of the concept of sustainable development as it relates to Lochaber.  It will help the LCDA keep both year-round and seasonal residents informed about trends, issues and best practices concerning land use and development in Lochaber.  The SDC will follow land use and development activities and trends around Lochaber Lake, in particular as they may impact on the water quality of the Lake.  The SDC will advise the LCDA on options for dealing with land use and development issues of importance to the community as they arise, and help the LCDA ensure that Lochaber interests are effectively represented in government policy, regulations and legislation concerned with land use and development.  Read More…

Lochaber Sylvan Lakers Seniors

This organization of vibrant folks was originally established in 1980. A room on the upper floor of Sylvan Hall was dedicated to their exclusive use and continues to be their centre of activities. For a brief period in the late nineteen eighties, membership fell to the point that the group was forced to temporarily suspend operations. In 1989 the group was revived and it continues to serve as a means for seniors to get together and participate in a variety of activities. The group is led by an executive made up of Merle Taylor, president; Clayton Kinney, vice-president; Audrey Hardy, Secretary and Ella Stearns, Treasurer.

Merle Taylor at work on a comforter

Except for a summer break, “the seniors”, as they are known locally, gather at Sylvan Hall each Wednesday at 1:30 PM to socialize and enjoy playing cards and shuffleboard. They also have parties for special occasions such as members’ birthdays, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas.

Over the years, they have carried out an impressive amount of fundraising, mainly through the sale of items of their own creation such as double bed comforters, prize winning preserves (pickles, jams and jellies) and vegetables from their home gardens. This fundraising, combined with government grants, has enabled them to purchase tables and chairs, a sound system, a new front step and a kitchen counter/bar for the Sylvan Hall, along with making a substantial contribution toward the purchase of a commercial type dishwasher for the hall. Not all of their efforts go toward fundraising. They have donated over seventy of the double bed comforters to the sick and needy in northeastern Nova Scotia.

Harriet Cameron, Merle Taylor & Ella Stearns (left to right)
deservedly take a moment to admire their handiwork

Membership in the Lochaber Sylvan Lakers Seniors is open to anyone 55 years of age or older, and new members are always welcome. So, if you’re less than fifty-five years young, and aren’t already part of the group, give some thought to joining them for some fun times together.

Local Area Churches

There are three churches that serve the people of Lochaber. They are Bethel Community Church, Lochaber United Church and St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. All three are located along Highway No. 7. Specific directions can be found by on the How To Find Us page. Anyone visiting Lochaber is more than welcome to attend services at any of these churches. Additional information on the history of these churches can be found on the Lochaber History page.

Bethel Community Church

Established in 1930 on Highway No. 7 in South Lochaber just south of the crossroad to the west side of Lochaber Lake. A small building was erected at that time for the congregation. In the early 1960s, to accomodate the growing congregation, a second level was added to the original building. In the mid-1970s, the congregation again outgrew the building. This time a new church was built overlooking Lochiel Lake and the congregation moved to its current location in 1978. Bethel Community Church is affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. Sunday Worship Service takes place at 11:00 AM.

Lochaber United Church

At the time of the union in 1925 of the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist Churches, the congregation of Chalmers Presbyterian Church in Lochaber (which subsequently burned) was divided on whether or not to join the United Chuch of Canada. Those wishing to join the United Church chose to establish their own church and built the Lochaber United Church. The first service of worship was held in the church on October 4, 1931. Sunday services are usually held at 9:15 AM, although occasionally joint services are held with Kings United Church at Loch Katrine. The Loch Katrine Chuch is also shown on the “How to Find Us” page of this web site. A check of the “Community Calendar” will confirm whether, for any particular Sunday, service will be held in Lochaber or Loch Katrine.

St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church

Located in a picturesque setting on a knoll about midway down the east side of Lochaber Lake. The first Roman Catholic chapel at Lochaber was built about 1830 and, although it has not been officially documented, it is believed that this church blew down. A second smaller church was erected in 1857. In 1878 this chapel was renovated and enlarged. Part of the 1857 chapel was preserved and serves as the vestry of the present church. The new church was dedicated on September 8th of that year by Bishop Cameron. Sunday mass is celebrated at St. Patrick’s at 10:00 AM.

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