The situation regarding potentially toxic blue green microcystis algae in Lochaber Lake has attracted the attention and involvement of organizations, over and above those directly involved in the LCDA water quality survey.  The Nova Scotia government departments of Health  & Wellness (right up to Dr. Robert Strang, the Chief Public Health Officer) and Environment are now engaged in the assessment of what, if any, risk to users of the lake is created by the observed algal bloom.

The water quality survey team has arranged for lake water samples to be analyzed for the levels of chlorophyll (indicative of the quantity of algae present) and microcystin (the toxin produced by the blue green algae in question).  Results of these analyses are expected to be available by Sept. 25th, if not sooner, and the results and an explanation of their significance, will be posted on this web page once received.

While there are no indications to date that the algae pose a significant hazard, there have been a few anecdotal reports of mild symptoms that possibly might be due to exposure to the algae.  As before, it is suggested that, until there is a more complete assessment of the possible risks, you use your own judgement as to what use you make of the lake.

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