Lochaber Sylvan Lakers

This organization of vibrant folks was originally established in 1980. A room on the upper floor of Sylvan Hall was dedicated to their exclusive use. For a brief period in the late nineteen eighties, membership fell to the point that the group was forced to temporarily suspend operations. In 1989 the group was revived and it continues to serve as a means for seniors to get together and participate in a variety of activities.

Lochaber - Merle Taylor

Merle Taylor at work on a comforter


Except for a summer break, “the seniors”, as they are known locally, gather at Sylvan Hall each Thursday afternoon to socialize and enjoy playing cards and shuffleboard. They also have parties for special occasions such as members’ birthdays, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas.

Over the years, they have carried out an impressive amount of fundraising, mainly through the sale of items of their own creation such as double bed comforters, prize winning preserves (pickles, jams and jellies) and vegetables from their home gardens. This fundraising, combined with government grants, has enabled them to purchase tables and chairs, a sound system, a new front step and a kitchen counter/bar for the Sylvan Hall, along with making a substantial contribution toward the purchase of a commercial type dishwasher for the hall. Not all of their efforts go toward fundraising. They have donated over seventy of the double bed comforters to the sick and needy in northeastern Nova Scotia.

Lochaber - Harriet Cameron, Merle Taylor & Ella Stearns

Harriet Cameron, Merle Taylor & Ella Stearns (left to right)
deservedly take a moment to admire their handiwork

Membership in the Lochaber Sylvan Lakers Seniors is open to anyone 55 years of age or older, and new members are always welcome. So, if you’re fifty-five years young, and aren’t already part of the group, give some thought to joining them for some fun times together.

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