The LCDA is releasing a major new report, The Water Quality of Lochaber Lake: Past, Present and into the Future, prepared by Lochaber residents Leslie Buckland-Nicks and John Lamb, and summer student Mike Arnott.

On the whole Lochaber Lake is healthy, the report concludes. However, there are reasons for concern:

  • The surface temperature of the lake is rising, and is above healthy levels for brook trout.
  • The amount of algae – including harmful blue-green algae – appears to be increasing.
  • Levels of E.coli bacteria exceeded approved standards at times during the summer.
  • Phosphorus and nitrogen are considerably higher in the north end of the lake.

The report provides important information about Lochaber Lake, its physical characteristics, the history of the community, and how that history has impacted Lochaber Lake. Most important, it describes over a dozen practical ways Lochaber residents can help keep our Lake healthy.

To see the whole report, click here.
To see a summary, click here.
To see the recommendations, click here.

If you want to comment on the report, or get involved, please email:

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