This is another of those behind the scenes LCDA activities.  For some time now, residents of West Lochaber have seen some of their mail (from large volume mailers) addressed to “xxxx Lochaber Rd, Antigonish, NS, B2G 2L9”.  These addresses are just outside Antigonish on Hwy #7.  What happened was that, with the goal of making postal addressess in sync with emergency 911 addresses, Canada Post planned to change “West Lochaber Rd.” to “West Side Lochaber Rd.”.  Something went awry and “West Lochaber Rd.” got dropped from the Canada Post data base, but wasn’t properly replaced.  Mailers who depended on the Canada Post data base were left without a proper address, and ended up using the “Lochaber Rd.” designation by default.  Once again, the LCDA went to Peter MacKay and he brought the situation to the attention of the Canada Post CEO.  Canada Post are now working to rectify the situation and, as of early August, hoped to have things straightened out by some time in September.

Incidently, from discussions with Canada Post officials, it was learned that Canada Post plans to eventually drop the “RR” section from rural postal addresses.

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