The very popular annual Lochaber Strawberry Festival is coming up this weekend.  It will take place at the Lochaber Centre, 1555 Highway #7 in North Lochaber on Sunday, July 15th, running from 1:00 to 4:30 pm.  As always there will be the wonderfully delicious strawberry shortcakes, for which the festival is known far and wide.

Admission is $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for children.As well as the shortcakes, there will be live entertainment provided by the Langley/Hallet Group.  Also a 50/50 draw will give you a chance to go home with a sizeable chunk of cash.

Lochaber - Strawberry Festival Poster 2018


You may well have heard about the problems that many growers encountered due to a late spring frost harming strawberry blossoms at a critical time.  Don’t worry! our local supplier, through judicious use of his irrigation system was able to protect his crop from the frost, and so will be providing us with his usual top quality berries.

Attached is a flyer that you can put in a conspicuous spot to be sure that you don’t forget.  You can also go to to learn more about the festival and its history.

So plan to pile into the car and join us for a great afternoon with family and/or friends.  Keep your fingers crossed that the long range forecast for near perfect weather (sun and cloud with temperatures in the mid 20s) is correct.

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