A little while ago we spotted a colourful male Rose-breasted Grosbeak.  Now we’ve had a visit from a female, perhaps its partner.  It doesn’t have the male’s exciting colours, but does have the distinctive beak of all grosbeaks.
-John Lamb and Alison Lee
John and Alison were also kind enough to include a story about a hummingbird that they and their Daughter, Bella, helped bring back to health. You can see all of the photos in the gallery below.
Yesterday our daughter Bella found a ruby-throated hummingbird in our barn.  They’re common around the lake these days.  But this one was in trouble.  It couldn’t find its way out and was now exhausted, with no energy left to fly.  Bella picked the poor little fellow up and together with Alison put a drop of sugar & water on its beak…then another, and another.   After about 20 minutes he had the strength to hop onto the hummingbird feeder they’d put next to him, and a short while later he off he flew.  A very nice happy ending!   Here are some photos.
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