After months of hard work by community volunteers, the LCDA has now submitted our proposal to the Provincial and Federal Governments for consideration. This would not be possible without the tremendous financial support of Lochaber residents and friends of Lochaber, who, to date, have pledged over $342,000.00 towards this terrific community development. A $75,000.00 commitment from the Municipality of the County of Antigonish and a $30,000.00 pledge from Nova Scotia Health and Wellness have us well on our way.

The centrepiece of this development will be the Lochaber Centre, a multi use facility capable of hosting various events and activities.  Along with a new building, we intend to create an outdoor recreation facility to offer activities for all ages and physical abilities. Initially conceived as a plan to replace our aging Sylvan Hall, it has developed into a vision for a regional recreation centre that will, among other things, host rowing regattas which will attract participants from beyond our region, and contribute substantially to the economy of this area. We are very pleased to have partnered with the Antigonish and St.F.X. Rowing Clubs who have begun to train on Lochaber Lake. Along with the rowing shells, you may have noticed that we had the Nova Scotia Yachting Association Junior Learn to Sail Program operating out of Lochaber from July 30th to Aug 3rd. It is a fine example of the fun and health oriented activities we hope to see in Lochaber in the future.

To ensure that all of these activities on the lake occur safely and successfully, we have asked for guidance from regulatory bodies such as the RCMP, Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard.  Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety has kindly offered to come to Sylvan Hall on August 21st at 7pm to update residents on our responsibilities to operate our boats safely when on the water. Anyone interested in any aspect of water safety is encouraged to attend.  We have attached a few of the items, which will be covered in more depth that evening to refresh our memories on boating guidelines.

Another development is that Row Nova Scotia will be coming to Lochaber the weekend of August 17th to 19th to conduct time trials for crews vying for a spot on the Nova Scotia Canada Games rowing team. Details are being sorted out, but expect to see rowing shells further south than they have generally been to date. They require a straight 2000m run for the time trials, which may place them in the section of the lake out in front of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. Anyone with a boat is invited to help out by assisting with marking the course perimeter and paying particular attention to our obligation to be mindful of the wakes coming off our vessels. If, with your boat, you would like to contribute to this event, please send an e-mail to, and we will get back to you.  We have invited the RCMP to join us, to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Please continue to visit for routine updates on our progress and links to the Antigonish Rowing Club.

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