Birds in Lochaber: Blue Grosbeak

This morning (Saturday, May 5) we were visited by a male Blue Grosbeak here on the west side of Lochaber Lake. Judging by the bird book we consulted, this little fellow is either very lost or is striking out in search of fresh horizons. Anyway, we hope he stays around for a while.

Thanks to John Lamb and Allison Lee for this submission. Email your bird sightings to

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  1. Karen Stewart says:

    According to Robie Tufts’ “Birds of Nova Scotia” which only documents up to the late 70’s or so but is a very valuable resource, there were 8 documented sightings up to 1979, Roger Tory Peterson’s “Field Guide to Eastern Birds” has their range extending well up the east coast . I would recommend both of these books

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