Two Spectacular Visitors
Nearly a year ago, in May 2012, we had two spectacular visitors to our birdfeeders on the west side of Lochaber Lake.  The first was a male Blue Grosbeak.  It was just there for a short while on one day, on its own, but what a treat!  It stayed on the ground below the feeders, eating the fallen seeds.  According to, “This species is widespread in Mexico and Central America during its winter sojourn south of our border, where it is found in the same sort of habitats it uses during the breeding season: open clearings scattered with trees. Populations from the eastern states are very common in the Caribbean, where they invade a variety of habitats. Blue Grosbeaks commonly overshoot their breeding range in spring, turning up in more northerly locations such as Massachusetts and Nova Scotia.”  However, according to other sites, Blue Grosbeaks are still pretty rare in the province.
A little later in the month both a pair of Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks appeared.  They came and went over a period of 2-3 weeks, visiting most days in the morning.  We’re hoping they may return this year.  Here are some photos.
John Lamb and Alison Lee
Blue Grosbeak 004 Blue Grosbeak 003 Blue Grosbeak 002 Blue Grosbeak 001
birds and western trip 054 birds and western trip 046 birds and western trip 045
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