Life and Death in Lochaber

Lochaber valley is blessed with an abundance of wildlife. There are times when it is a mixed blessing. One day in June, 2011, Harriet MacMillan, Hennie De Caluwe and I went for an evening’s fishing on Gillis Lake in Pinevale. On returning to Harriet’s house, we were shocked to see feathers all over her lawn. A family of foxes had destroyed her flock of chickens. Later, Harriet was to find one of the 6┬áhens cowering under a tree; missed by the foxes. This lucky survivor became her “Little Red Hen”. You could often see Harriet and her friend picking patiently through her perfect gardens, each consumed with their endeavours, while enjoying each other’s company. Sadly, many months later, a young goshawk ended their relationship, under the front window just inches from the house.

All a little better off in the circle of life.

Harriets Hens Harriet Hens2 Harriets Hens4 Harriets Hens3





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