Is This A Late Spring?

My intuition and neighbors complaints tell me it is!  My records agree.

Twenty years ago I thought I would like to keep records of ice out for fun. But how to be consistent? The “big lake” would open up long before the north end.  In front of my house was largely dependant on a strong south wind whipping around the point at Tim’s.  I settled on when the north end ice passed by Ron and Ethel Guns ….the ice was truly OUT. This is recorded on a post in the basement.

Here is what I found:   1994  April 10,    95  April 20,    96 March 28,    97 April 26,    98 March 11  and  March 30 (completely left on the 11th refroze and left again the 30th),    99 March 24,    2000 March 18,   2001 April 26,   2002 April 3,   2003 April 21,    2004 April 18,    2005 April 13,    2006 April 1,    2007 April 20,    2008 April 9,   2009 April 22,    2010 March 25,    2011 April 8,    2012 March 23,    ……………  2013    ?????

Today is April 14th and by the looks of the ice in front of my house, we may break a record for late this year. Time will tell and I will post the result.



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  1. Dave Brown says:

    It is interesting to compare Paul’s records for the last 20 years with memories of ice out dates fifty odd years ago. When I was growing up (and, BTW, I wallked 5 miles to school, on unplowed roads, uphill both ways) the ice was generally intact much later into the spring. Back then, the fishing season opened on April 15th, and we usually got a week or two of fishing through the ice before it weakened to the point that it was no longer safe to walk on. If one assumes that we conservatively averaged one week of ice fishing and that the ice typically broke up about one week later, that brings the average ice out date to somewhere around the end of April. That compares with an average of April 7th for Paul’s records. Talking about this to Buddy Stewart, he brought up a case of the ice going out much later than that. One spring Buddy and a couple of his cousins pushed their rowboat across the lake on the ice in order to go fishing in the open water at the mouth of Hulbert’s brook. The date was Buddy’s father’s birthday, May 7th. Climate change?
    The lake also froze over earlier in the fall than it does now. There was one freakishly early freeze up during the 1950s, when the lake was crossed by horse and sleigh on the American Thanksgiving weekend. But that’s another story for another day.

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