Yaah right. Its March 2nd….. cold……snowing lightly…..feels about as much like spring as I feel like 18. Winter in Lochaber is the time for cross-country skiing, curling, doing puzzles, and maybe working in the basement. Always tending the wood furnace…..always shovelling the deck ….always a struggle. Where are the kids? I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen kids playing road hockey or  tobogganing. Playing video games! Apart from the activities above, which I love for the first half of the winter, by March they are beginning to pale……but for me the one thing that never pales is ice fishing. All winter long from Dec. to the end of March I love to fish through the ice at either Gillis or Cameron Lakes. Most days I am alone. Rarely do I see another adult and even more rare is a kid. What a shame.  Give it a try. All you need is a bucket, a $15 rod, a ladle with holes, an auger, a license and a bit of cut up raw shrimp. You are allowed 2 trout of any species. A long day for me is 2 1/2 hours and I don’t think I missed getting my 2 fish/day all winter.

Cameron Lake 1      009016012

Cameron Lake 2 013

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