January Fun

UPDATE: Nobody sent in any photos or stories or comments! We have extended the deadline until February 11th at 4PM! Email us at kyle.stewart@lochaber.ca

For our February Pictures of the Month, we would like to have your photos of you skating/having fun on the lake in the winter months! Send your photos to kyle.stewart@lochaber.ca! Also if you have any winter related fun photos from around Lochaber, we would like that to! If you have any comments about Lochaber in the winter-time or past Lochaber Winter memories that we could have in the post as well that would be awesome! It doesn’t only need to be photos, this time let’s have a fun little mix up of Photos, Stories, Comments and more!

A huge thanks to Carol for the suggestion!

Please send it all into kyle.stewart@lochaber.ca by February 9th, 2011 at 4PM!

2 Responses to January Fun

  1. Tracy Stuit says:

    I was so pleased to see this site, showcasing the beauty of Lochaber. We truly do live in God’s country!.

  2. carol young says:

    Good work Kyle;

    Good pictures and perhaps more folks from the area will be submitting photos of each season.

    Enjoying the site.


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