That group of older folks are putting the rest of us to shame. They have been a busy lot, and besides having a lot of fun together on Wednesday afternoons, they have raised a considerable amount of money for use within the community. They have raised money to have the toilets at Sylvan Hall upgraded to higher toilets with grab bars to make them easier to use. Also they have hired Sarah and Allie Taylor to give the hall given a cleaning like it hasn’t had in years. Merle Taylor has raffled off parcels of her baked goods, jams, jellies and pickles at cribbage nights, and in the process collected $741 which she has donated to the seniors. They have presented quite a number of quilts to families who have been burned out of their homes plus to the Red Cross for their use.

The seniors nominee for volunteer of the year, Ella Stearns, was picked as Antigonish County’s representative for the provincial volunteers’ banquet in Halifax. Congratulations Ella! The honour was well deserved.

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