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Your very first Question is… Joseph Howe wrote a poem about Lochaber, Sydney’s Sylvan Pride,  where was the poem first published? Email your answers to quickly, so we can claim you as the winner! You can also leave a comment below with your answer.
Such sweet Lochaber, Sydney’s sylvan pride,
Lake of the woods, the forest’s gentle bride —
It is thy lot to be; Life’s bubbling stream
Must cease ere I forget the vivid dream
Of olden time, that tranced me as I stood,
Beneath the shadow of thine ancient wood.
Fresh is the vision—yes I see thee yet,
A sparkling Diamond in an Emerald set.
The morning’s sun illumes thy placid wave
Where chaste Diana might her beauties lave,
Nor fear to be observed—so deep—profound
The lulling stillness that prevails around.
Winding, in graceful folds, ’twixt hills that rise
On either side, the fair Lochaber lies.
Now to the eye its glowing charms revealed,
Now, like a bashful Beauty, half concealed
Beneath the robe of spotless green she wears,
The rich profusion of a thousand years.
No axe profane has touched a single bough,
No sod has yet been broken by the plough;
Far down the ancient trees reflected lie
Stem, branch, and leaf, like fairy tracery
Wove round the homes of some enchanting race,
The guardian nymphs of this delightful place.
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