Lochaber Trivia for Spring!

Now, you, the reader can get even more “involved” with lochaber.ca, with our new “Just-for-fun” contest, Lochaber Trivia! At the end of every month, we will ask one question and you can email trivia@lochaber.ca your answer! You can also email us, any question ideas that you may have.

For Spring, our “Lochaber Trivia” will be Federal Election related, because of the Election coming up! (Click here for more on the election). If you know the answer to this question you can email it to trivia@lochaber.ca

Who was the first “MP” for Lochaber for Canada’s first federal election in 1867?  Also provide us with the party.

The winner will be posted below. The first person to email us the correct answer will win! Good luck!

UPDATE: The winner of Lochaber Trivia for Spring is Carol Young!

“Hugh MacDonald won over Wm. Henry in 1867
MacDonald was anti-Confederate and Henry was Conservative

Carol Young”

For more on Hugh McDonald, Click here.



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