At the LCDA annual general meeting held on May 12, 2015, a new executive was elected to take over leadership of our community association.  The well attended meeting provided those present with the opportunity to participate in the selection of the incoming executive.  A nominating committee had been set up to propose a slate of candidates.  Aside from the names put forward by the nominating committee, there were no nominations from the floor.  As a result the committee’s slate was acclaimed.

The new executive consists of:

President, Jonathan Taylor – Jonathan was born and raised in Lochaber, and has been a proud resident for thirty plus years.  Married to Erin (MacNeil), they are raising three boys, James, Ryan and Neil on the strawberry farm at the head of the lake.  He aspires to one day take over the family farm from his parents Barb and Sid Taylor, but for now is content working as a Geological Consultant, working throughout eastern Canada.  Although his work may sometimes take him away, his roots are firmly planted in this wonderful community, and he looks forward to working together with all parties on his next endeavour.

Vice President, April MacInnis – April moved here about two years ago from Westville, where she was a manager at a restaurant for several years, and then worked at Sobey’s head office for ten years before her retirement.  She loves working with the public and is excited to meet some new faces from this area.  She lives with her “hubby”, Terry, and they have two boys and three granddaughters.

Secretary, Jenny & Greg Carter (jointly) – Jenny and Greg have lived in Lochaber for twenty-two years. They are parents to Avery (20) and Austin (17).  Jenny works for LaArche Canada, and Greg is an Associate Professor of Music at St. F. X. University.  Greg served on the building committee for the Lochaber Centre and Jenny is active with the Lochaber Music Society.  They have volunteered their time for many LCDA events and are also members of the Lochaber United Church.

Treasurer, Tracy Stuit – Tracy was born in Halifax, but moved with her family to the Lochiel Lake area at the age of five.  She is the daughter of Rose Malloy and Alvin Auton.  Her mother’s family has lived in the area for several generations.  Tracy graduated from St. F. X. University with a BSc. in Physical Education.  Her career has taken her to Cambridge Bay in Nunavut, British Columbia, a brief return to Nova Scotia and even a nine month stint in Romania.  In 2008, she moved back to the house that she grew up in, where she lives with her mother and her two boys, Christian (10) and Nathaniel (9).  Tracy leads a very active life in the place where she grew up.

These people make up a very capable group, and we can be assured that they will carry on the fine work of the outgoing executive who have guided the LCDA through the early days of the operation of the Lochaber Centre.

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