Stanley Cup with Lochaber Lake in the Background

For the third year in a row the Stanley Cup, hockey’s Holy Grail, has been brought to Nova Scotia by a representative of the cup winning team.  Last year it was Sydney Crosby, and the year before, Paul MacLean, Detroit Red Wings assistant coach, brought the cup to Antigonish.

On August 31st, Chicago Black Hawks executive and Antigonish native, Al MacIsaac, brought Lord Stanley’s mug to his home town.  While it was in the area, Ken Farrell got the opportunity to bring it to Lochaber.  Fortunately he wasn’t tempted to emulate the  1905 Ottawa Silver Seven who, when celebrating their Stanley Cup victory, decided to drop kick the cup into the Rideau Canal.  It remained safely on his dock.

Ken Farrell proudly holding the Stanley Cup at Sylvan Hall

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