Winter Visiter

When we lived in Nunavut, before moving to Lochaber, we used to see clouds of Snow Buntings regularly in the spring and summer.  Since they and Ravens (oh, and Ptarmigans, but one rarely saw them) were the only birds around, it was always a treat to see the Snow Buntings. Anyway, we were truly delighted to find Snow Buntings here in Lochaber.  Perhaps two years ago we had a small flock arrive and visit our feeders for a few days.  Since then, it seems there’ve only been a couple or more often just one Snow Bunting visit very occasionally.  Here are a few photos taken over the past week.
John Lamb and Alison Lee
February 2013 024February 2013 013February 2013 028

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  1. Tracy Auton Stuit says:

    Where, and when did you live in Nunavut? I spent most of 1993-2007 teaching in Cambridge Bay, NU (give or take a few years b/w ’96 & ’00 here and there in BC, NS, and Romania with a few months back in NU). I also spent Feb-Dec in Iqaluit in 2008. I happily spent 8 weeks back in Cam Bay last fall, filling in for a teacher on sick leave. Born and bred here in South Lochaber/Lochiel Lake (formerly known as Two Mile Lake), I fell in love with Cam Bay, Nunavut, and consider it my other home. It was always thrilling to see the snow buntings again! A sure sign of spring!

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