New Report on Lochaber Lake Water Quality

The LCDA is releasing a major new report, The Water Quality of Lochaber Lake: Past, Present and into the Future, prepared by Lochaber residents Leslie Buckland-Nicks and John Lamb, and summer student Mike Arnott. On the whole Lochaber Lake is healthy, the report...

The March of Spring

Every spring I love to follow the progress of nature with many species making an orderly appearance with the season and others leaving to go north. The first to arrive are the coltsfoots. Tiny yellow flowers that prefer the worst possible roadside habitat. Close...

Provincial Funding Announcement

Maurice Smith is inviting everyone to join him for an announcement of provincial funding for the Lochaber Centre.  Ckick on the following for details.   Moe Smith Invitation

Ice Out

Spring came to Lochaber today at aprox. 5:00 PM. THE  ICE  IS  OUT 

Is This A Late Spring?

My intuition and neighbors complaints tell me it is!  My records agree. Twenty years ago I thought I would like to keep records of ice out for fun. But how to be consistent? The “big lake” would open up long before the north end.  In front of my house was...